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Why you must make the switch to standing desks

Standing desks are becoming increasingly-popular, and for good reason. More and more research has shown there to be many health benefits of standing desks. This is especially important if you have a desk job and are typically slouched over your desk 8 hours a day.Standing desks and why you should switch to them

Evidence suggests that using a standing desk (even for just some part of the day) can help you burn more calories, improve your core strength, reduce back pain, increase your energy levels and boost your mood.

It all comes down to this: increasing the amount of time you stand over the course of the day will boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

My name is Tom. Since I started using a standing desk I now spend much less time sitting down while I’m working and every day I really feel the benefits. I have more energy and I feel happier.

In my mind there is absolutely no doubt about it. It has made an enormous difference to my general wellbeing. Buying a standing desk is the best thing I ever did.

So with this in mind, Standing Desk Switch showcases the best standing desks and standing desk accessories you can buy today.

I want you to make that switch too, just like I did. I want you to change your life and say goodbye to bad posture. Buy a standing desk or sit-stand desk and reap all the benefits.

Latest reviews for standing desks and desk accessories

Smugdesk standing mat

Smugdesk Standing Mat

The Smugdesk standing mat is an economical solution to leg fatigue as a result of standing for lengthy periods. Its cushioning will make standing much more comfortable. Ergonomic non-slip mat for standing on The perfect standing mat at a price ...
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FluidStance The Plane balance board

FluidStance Plane Balance Board

FluidStance's "Plane" balance board for standing desks is a great board for working your muscles as you stand. It's designed and built in California and made from recyclable materials so it will appeal to you all you eco-warriors. Beautifully-ergonomic standing ...
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Gaiam Evolve standing desk balance board

Gaiam Evolve Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing desk balance board that provides you with a gentle rocking motion as you stand, flexing all your major muscles and giving you a mini workout. Take standing up to a whole new level. Rocking wobble board that provides constant ...
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Luxor crank-adjustable standing desk

Luxor Crank-Adjustable Standing Desk

The Luxor crank-adjustable standing desk is a versatile and movable desk that can be raised and lowered using a crank-handle. Perfect as a standing desk and quickly adjustable to a sitting desk when you want to give your legs a rest ...
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Stand Steady X-Elite pro standing desk converter

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

The Stand Steady X-Elite pro standing desk converter is a neat little device, akin to an ironing board structure that raises its height using a pumping lift mechanism. Sit or stand and switch between the two over the course of the ...
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Varidesk standing desk stool

Varidesk Standing Desk Stool

The Varidesk standing desk stool is an ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desk stool that promotes good posture and makes sure you keep sitting up straight. Engages your legs, back and core and maintains your posture Good posture is all about staying ...
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Stand Steady Tranzendesk standing desk

Stand Steady Tranzendesk Standing Desk

The Tranzendesk standing desk by Stand Steady is a fully-configured unit that gives a lot of space for all your kit and can transform to a sitting desk with a few turns of the crank handle. Move the Tranzendesk standing ...
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Prosumer's Choice bamboo standing desk converter

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Standing Desk Converter

The Prosumer's Choice bamboo standing desk converter is neat and elegant and will blend in well if you are resting it on a standard wooden desk. Bamboo wood standing desk converter with adjustable height Simple to adjust wooden standing desk converter ...
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Executive Office Solutions laptop stand -1

Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand

The Executive Office Solutions laptop stand may look like it belongs in Star Wars, but it is a practical little helper and a very capable support for your laptop Fully-adjustable laptop stand with many uses If you are working from a ...
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Kangaroo Mat Anti-Fatigue & Non-Slip

Advertised as the best mat you will ever own, the anti-fatigue and non-slip Kangaroo mat certainly lives up to its billing. Made from 3/4" thick high-grade foam you will feel like you are almost floating. Cushioned, non-slip standing mat If ...
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