ApexDesk Vortex Height-Adjustable Electric Sit-Stand Desk

The Apexdesk Vortex height-adjustable electric sit-stand desk is two desks in one; a conventional sit-down desk and an extended-height standing desk which converts between the two by an electronic motor. You get the best of both worlds without the challenge of converting one to another.

Converts from a sit-down to standing desk (and back) at the touch of a button


This Apexdesk Vortex series electric sit-stand desk is a luxury item that lets you switch to standing desk with ease. A push of the button and the electric motor does the rest. When you want to sit back down just drop the height by pressing the button once more.

  • Adjusts in height automatically from 27.5″ to 45.5″
  • Anti-collision function
  • Scratch-resistant laminated desktop surface
  • Adjustable levelling
  • Fully-compatible with any monitor desk mount stand
  • Clever design avoiding the need for stabilising crossbar between legs

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Video Review

Full description of the Apexdesk Vortex electric sit-stand desk

This is one of the most stable and robust electric standing desks on the market.

The desk is fully controlled by an electronic button which when pressed will set the desk moving automatically to the height you want it. When you’re done standing you can just press the button again and the desk will move down to a comfortable height for sitting. Don’t worry about the weight of your equipment on top while it’s moving – this electronic standing desk can handle it.

It has taken a rather clever design to configure the desk so that a stabilising bar (as you see in so many desks) is not required. The advantage to not having a stabilising bar is that you have more space under the desk. You can stretch out your legs while sitting in a chair, or you even have the space to put a treadmill in there. For practical purposes it is easier to tuck the desk away when not in use.

The desk also features an anti-collision function, which means if it encounters an obstruction when it’s moving it will stop automatically. This will give you peace of mind because you can’t break the motor by accident.

This is not a cheap electronic standing desk, but you are buying quality. It is robust, attractive and well-made and does exactly what you will want it to do. Not only that, it does it beautifully.

Common FAQ’s about the ApexDesk Vortex Electric Standing Desk

Q: How much weight can it take?
Q: Does it have set height positions?
Q: Can it be used with caster wheels?
Q: Does it wobble at all?
Q: What warranty does the manufacturer provide?

Review summary (what people think about it)

Overwhelmingly, the customers love this height-adjustable electric standing desk. It is not a cheap purchase but if you want build-quality, sturdiness, ease of use and attractiveness then it is difficult to beat. With all that said, as far as electronic standing desks go there are many more expensive products out there but few better than this.

It comes in a variety of finishes including black, espresso, light cherry and new cherry and also in different sizes (check out the Apexdesk Elite 71″ version).

It scores high marks for stability. The last thing you want is a desk that wobbles slightly, or even a desk that you think is going to wobble. No such problem here.

One thing to watch out for is there is no place on the desk or under it to attach all your wires (you can buy a caddy separately of course) and you need to be aware that you have enough slack wire attached to your gadgets so that when the desk is raised it does not pull any wires and drag your gadgets on the floor.

Ease of assembly scored very highly too. Nobody wants a complicated piece of furniture to put together and no worries here at all. Assembly is a snap. although you may need an extra pair of hands to help because of its size.



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