Dland Standing Desk Side Table

The Dland Standing Desk Side Table offers two functions in one, doubling up as both a modular standing desk on wheels, which can be dropped down in height and used instead as a multipurpose table, such as a bedside table.

Dual purpose standing desk and portable side table


The Dland standing desk is a versatile performer and can be used as a dedicated standing desk, or dropped down to create a bedside table supporting a laptop, for example.

  • High quality stainless steel frame
  • Compressed wood (particleboard) desk surface
  • Waterproof and scratchproof desk
  • Fully portable standing desk mounted on caster wheels – just roll it where you want it
  • Easy-adjust height using two dials on either side

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Full description of the Dland standing desk side table

The Dland standing desk is a lightweight and portable option if you are looking for a movable desk with some versatility. If you use a laptop or have one screen with your computer then the desk space should be sufficient for your needs. It won’t take two screens or two laptops, so keep that in mind, but it should be fine for most people.

The frame is made from stainless steel and as you might expect for a standing desk coming in at a lot less than a hundred bucks the desk surface itself is manufactured using wooden particleboard which is adequate enough and advertised by the maker as being waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Turn the two dials situated at the rear of the desk and it drops down to a lower level, accommodating you seated at the desk or alternatively you can use it as a tray-table sat in an armchair, or as a bedside table. Whatever you want to use it for, be it standing, sitting or even lying down, it will meet your purpose.

Common FAQ’s about the Dland standing desk side table

Q: How much weight does it take?
Q: What size is the desk?
Q: What is it's height?
Q: Does it require assembly?
Q: Are the wheels lockable?

Review summary (what people think about it)

On the whole, the reviewers are generally happy with this standing desk but there are certainly some quality issues. Some customers did not get the quality they wanted and there were a few cases of the parts not fitting correctly, but on the whole most people were satisfied.

The desk is confirmed as lightweight and durable. You may find it can wobble very slightly but that did not put many people off.

It serves very well as a bedside table – especially for old people.

If you are looking for a serious standing desk workhorse then this won’t be it. It is aimed more at the casual laptop user rather that at a full time worker. Its relatively light weight is an important feature because it enables it to be moved from room to room (upstairs and downstairs) with relative ease.

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