Ergodriven Topo Mini Standing Desk Mat

This Mini version of the Ergodriven standing mat is suitable for persons of height 5’4″ and under. Put something good under your feet. The Ergodriven Topo Mini standing desk mat is the perfect standing mat to reduce fatigue in your legs as you stand and work over the course of the day.

Ergonomic anti-fatigue standing mat


This Ergodriven Topo Mini standing desk mat is a necessity if you are standing for long periods. It encourages you to move around in a playful way, which is great for your posture and reduces fatigue.

  • Fully contoured, which encourages a variety of standing positions
  • Cushioned mat for comfort
  • This mini version suitable for persons 5’4″ and under
  • Tough and hard-wearing
  • Comes with a 7 year warranty

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Video Review

This video shows the slightly larger mat in the same range, the Topo standing desk mat.

Full description of the Ergodriven Topo Mini standing desk mat

If you have started using a standing desk for some time you might have wondered if there was anything you can do to reduce the fatigue that builds up in your legs over the course of the day.

Well, there is a solution for that in the form of a standing desk mat. The Ergodriven “Topo” range of standing desk mats are popular among buyers and do the job really well.

This particular product is the Topo “Mini” mat which essentially is best suited for people who are 5’4″ tall and under. If you are over that height then you will probably be better off with the standard Ergodriven Topo standing desk mat, which is larger.

So how does a mat like this work? Well, the contours in the mat encourage you to actively “fidget” throughout the day as you stand. The wider a variety of standing positions you adopt as you stand at your desk then the less fatigue you will have because your legs won’t become strained by being in one position.

This a great mat, which is well cushioned and – dare I even say it – could even be a pleasure for you to stand on. It has a small footprint and can easily be slid in and out of position with one foot.

If you are committed to a working life at a standing desk then a mat is a must. The Ergodriven Topo Mini would be an excellent choice.

Common FAQ’s about the Ergodriven Topo Mini standing desk mat

Q: How much does it weigh?
Q: What is its thickness?
Q: Is there any harm in using it if you are over 5'4
Q: Can I wear high-heeled shoes on this mat?
Q: Can I use it for other situations, such as when I am cooking?

Review summary (what people think about it)

Right across the board, the customers who have reviewed this really love the Topo standing mat.

I think it has to be said that standing desk mats in general (and not just this Ergodriven Topo standing desk mat) are universally-liked and very popular. They all serve the same basic need and they do it well. Some have contours and others have particular nuances, but overall, whatever standing mat you have you will appreciate the difference it makes compared to standing on the floor.

The shape of this mat forces you to shift around which encourages you to stretch your legs and flex your muscles periodically. This mat does that really well and there is no doubt it will reduce your leg fatigue while you work at a standing desk.

Customers also can’t fault the mat’s quality. A frequent comment is “love it” and several have said they have “happy feet”.

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that a standing desk mat will benefit you enormously and I have to say that’s absolutely right. I could hardly find anyone faulting this product. Even at the $69 asking price at the time of writing this I would say that 99% of the customers think that is money well spent.

So join them and get happy feet. Get an Ergodriven Topo Mini standing desk mat, or the standard Topo standing desk mat if you’re over 5′ 4″ tall (hell you might even get away with the Mini even if you’re taller than that – some customers have).

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