Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand

The Executive Office Solutions laptop stand may look like it belongs in Star Wars, but it is a practical little helper and a very capable support for your laptop

Fully-adjustable laptop stand with many uses


If you are working from a laptop and want some sit-stand versatility without breaking the bank then this laptop stand from Executive Office Solutions is a real contender.

  • Fully adjustable pivoting legs which lock in any position
  • Aluminium tray for supporting your laptop
  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • Independent mouse pad stand
  • Many different applications

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Full description of the Executive Office Solutions laptop stand

Coming in at a budget price, this folding laptop stand from Executive Office Solutions gives you a standing desk option for working on a laptop.

The folding leg mechanism is pivoted at three different sections which makes this a truly portable option. The top tray is made from aluminium and is therefore very lightweight; the laptop stand is easy to fold and can be carried around with fairly minimal effort.

To operate it you simply place the stand on the surface you would like to work from and unfold the legs, extending them to the desired height. Once it reaches your perfect height then just lock the legs in position and away you go.

You can also tilt the tray to the perfect typing angle for you. A generous lip at the front of the tray will stop your laptop slipping off if it is placed in an upwards-tilting position (as shown by the picture above).

This product has another feather in its cap; because it is so light and portable it has a variety of different applications. Use it as a TV dinner tray, a tablet holder, a reading desk or perhaps something else.

As an added bonus the laptop stand incorporates some cooling fans which you can operate by connecting the supplied USB cable to your laptop. This keeps the laptop tray cool and ensures your legs don’t get too warm if you are resting the laptop stand on your lap.

Common FAQ’s about the Executive Office Solutions laptop stand

Q: What size laptop will fit on the stand?
Q: How tall does it extend to?
Q: What are its dimensions when folded up?
Q: Does the lip interfere with your hands when typing?
Q: Can it support a standard monitor?

Review summary (what people think about it)

The Executive Office Solutions laptop stand looks like a very quirky little product but don’t let that put you off. If you use a laptop often and are looking for something fairly minimalistic to work as a standing desk then this could be just what you need. An even bigger bonus here is that it is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you practically anywhere.

The mouse pad can be switched to either side to suit left or right-handers. Good build quality is well observed in the reviews. It is a well-made product and does exactly what you would expect it to.

The two in-built fans are a nice touch, but I suspect they are included because they have to be. The lower surface of any laptop can get very hot and this will heat up the aluminium tray which it rests upon. If you are sitting with your legs close to the tray this wouldn’t be ideal, so the cooling fans help to keep the heat in check.

The leg joints are reported to be sturdy, but there is a small learning curve in using the stand. You need to be careful to bend the pivots so that the structure doesn’t tilt over when supporting the laptop weight – it’s all about being aware of the centre of gravity.

On the negative side, users report that the mouse has tendency to slide when the mouse tray is tilted. However, in all likelihood you are probably going to want to use the mouse on a horizontal level, even if your laptop is at an angle. A few customers have found this laptop stand difficult to use and couldn’t get the settings right, but those people are pretty much in the minority.

Overall, if you work from a laptop, want versatility, flexibility and portability, the Executive Office Solutions laptop stand is a product that you should strongly consider.


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