FluidStance Plane Balance Board

FluidStance’s “Plane” balance board for standing desks is a great board for working your muscles as you stand. It’s designed and built in California and made from recyclable materials so it will appeal to you all you eco-warriors.

Beautifully-ergonomic standing desk balance board


This is a high-end balance board at the top end of the market and a price tag to match, but if you are willing to splash the cash it could be the one for you.

  • Stylish design
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Works your lower body and leg muscles
  • Allows full 360° rotation

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Full description of the FluidStance “Plane” balance board

This is all about a cool design, sustainable materials and a heavy price tag.

The Plane balance board is all about keep your body flowing and moving, even when you are standing. As with any balance board of this size it can be used anywhere, whether you are working or in any other room of your house or garage. If you need to be standing in one place for a period of time then this balance board will keep your legs moving while you focus on what you need to be doing.

A design that is clean and stylish, a big plus point is the fact that it is made from recyclable materials such as plastics and old tires. In fact, it is itself recyclable.

There are bigger balance boards on the market and the advertised weight capacity of this board is 200 lbs (compare that to the Gaiam Evolve standing desk balance board which can take up to 300 lbs in weight). That said, 200 lbs should be plenty of weight to accommodate most people.

It is portable and light, can be used anywhere and easily stored when not in use. Balance boards are perfect for a light physical workout while you stand. They keep your body flowing and engage your muscles. That’s great news for your body and your long term health.

The manufacturer stacks some claims behind their design too. If it is important to you, this product is made in California, not China. It’s design provides an increase in your energy expenditure of nearly 20%, according to one clinic. Not only that, but 1% of the value of each sale goes to a deserving charity.

Common FAQ’s about the FluidStance “Plane” balance board

Q: What is its weight limit?
Q: Would it be suitable for painting at an easel?
Q: Is it cushioned in any way?
Q: Is it easy to get used to?
Q: In which directions can you rock?

Review summary (what people think about it)

I’ve mentioned this has a hefty price tag but for those that have bought it it’s worth every cent. Customers love it.

I suppose the toughest thing with a standing desk is that you have to…well, stand. This makes standing fun, even a pleasure. It will increase your standing time but will keep leg fatigue in check.

It’s much more comfortable standing on one of these balance boards than standing on a hard floor or carpet. Increase your standing time and you increase all the standing desk benefits. The FluidStance Plane balance board has an excellent grip for your shoes or feet, but it won’t slip around the floor either. If you are looking for a slightly bigger board in this series you might want to consider the Fluidstance “Level” or “Original”.

The board allows you to rotate, fidget and just keep moving all the time. That’s what you want from a standing desk balance board and that is what the FluidStance Plane balance board gives you.

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