Gaiam Evolve Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing desk balance board that provides you with a gentle rocking motion as you stand, flexing all your major muscles and giving you a mini workout. Take standing up to a whole new level.

Rocking wobble board that provides constant movement


If you are looking for more than just a standing mat to go with a standing desk and want to generate some low-impact movement as you stand and work then this balance board could be for you.

  • Engages your legs and body as you keep balance
  • Non-slip surface
  • Prevents stiffness and soreness
  • Provides exercises and physical therapy
  • Minimises leg fatigue caused by standing

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Full description of the Gaiam Evolve standing desk balance board

It’s all about keeping the mind and body active. A balancing board will not be for everyone – particularly those people wanting something to stand on when using a standing desk – but there is a growing core of people who love what these boards can do.

So, you take the board and you stand on it. You also do what you are supposed to be doing in that space – be it working at a standing desk, cooking, ironing or so on. The board has a curved underneath surface which makes it wobble slightly. To keep your balance you need to work your muscles to maintain your posture and stay upright. It sounds like purgatory but actually it is fun and there are a whole host of benefits.

The standing desk balance board ensures that you are positioned correctly. It also keeps your body and mind engaged because they need to work together to keep you balanced on the slightly unbalanced board. The effort in doing this is fairly minimal, but it’s sufficient for some health benefits without depleting your mental effort reserves which you need for working at the desk itself.

I mentioned some health benefits, right? Well yes, the Gaiam Evolve balance board engages your core muscles in the back and lower body on a continuous basis to strengthen and condition them over time. This improves your posture and your co-ordination. It is an exercise in itself and gives you some gentle physical therapy. Built up over time with long term use it can give you benefits that you will start to notice.

The board has what Gaiam call a “honeycomb structure” for its grip. A non-slip feature is essential for a product like this and you won’t slip off, that’s for sure. The mental agility and physical activity required will focus your mind and tone your legs and lower body – all of this while you work. Now that’s got to be worth considering.

Common FAQ’s about the Gaiam Evolve standing desk balance board

Q: What is the weight limit?
Q: Are there any adjustments that can be made to it?
Q: Is it OK to use on carpet and hardwood floors?
Q: Will it damage a hardwood floor?
Q: It is cushioned?

Review summary (what people think about it)

There is a small learning curve to using a balance board but once you get the hang of it you will probably join the list of customers who love it.

The ease of movement it provides has been enjoyed by many. Along with the rocking back and forth, even 360 degree spins are possible. The cushioning is reported as good and it works well with bare feet too.

The board reduces leg fatigue and eases the common pressure points that occur when standing for long periods. Customers report feeling clear benefits from the physical activity, although some say they would prefer more activity and that, if anything, it doesn’t rock enough.

If you are buying one the advice is to break it in slowly and not use it for long periods straight away. The rocking motion does put some strain on your knees and joints so if you hit it too hard too soon your body will probably let you know when enough is enough. As you get used to it though that should ease over time.

In sum, it is well-built, well-designed and well-liked. The decision is yours whether to try a balance board like this is or a standing mat (such as for example the Ergodriven Topo standing mat). However, if you want to keep moving and give yourself a mini-workout while you stand the Gaiam Evolve standing desk balance board could be the way to go.

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