Kangaroo Mat Anti-Fatigue & Non-Slip

Advertised as the best mat you will ever own, the anti-fatigue and non-slip Kangaroo mat certainly lives up to its billing. Made from 3/4″ thick high-grade foam you will feel like you are almost floating.

Cushioned, non-slip standing mat


If you need a standing mat to go with your standing desk then this Kangaroo mat is worthy of your attention. Standing for long periods on a hard floor can make your legs ache so a standing mat is virtually a must. The Kangaroo mat is nicely cushioned and fits the bill.

  • 3/4″ thick high-grade foam cushioning
  • Very durable and made from non-toxic materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty

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Full description of the Kangaroo mat

The Kangaroo mat is a mat that you can use just about anywhere in situations where you are standing for long periods at a time. In this site we focus on standing desks but you can use mat in other places such as in the kitchen or workshop, for example.

Unlike the Ergodriven standing mat the Kangaroo mat does not have contoured surface to promote healthy movement while you stand, but it does have a nice grooved texture to it top and bottom which means that it is non-slip – a vital feature for sure!

The mat is a simple foam construction that tapers nicely around the sides to prevent you tripping over it. The foam is durable and will not degrade or otherwise break down over time so wear and tear shouldn’t be an issue and the Kangaroo mat should last you a long time and keep its newness.

A key feature of the mat is its non-toxicity which is important to many customers nowadays. The manufacturer confirms also that the mat does not contain any traces of latex, so from a “green” perspective it gets the thumbs-up.

You can buy the Kangaroo mat in three sizes – 32″ x 20″, 39″ x 20″and the truly large 70″ x 24″. If you think it only comes in black then think again, at the time of writing it is offered in 9 different colour variations so you will certainly find a colour that suits your room.

The mat is very easy to clean and is waterproof, so keeping it in tip-top condition shouldn’t be an issue.

Common FAQ’s about the Kangaroo mat

Q: Does it have a rubbery smell?
Q: Can it be rolled up easily when not in use?
Q: Will it work on both carpet and hardwood floors?
Q: Can you wear shoes on this mat?
Q: Can it be used in a shower?

Review summary (what people think about it)

On the whole this is a well-received and well-liked mat, with most customers happy they bought it.

Its main function is that it provides cushioning, in that it prevents leg fatigue when standing for long periods and it does that really well. Also, nobody wants to trip over it of slide around the floor. The beveled edge means there will be no tripping and although most people report that it doesn’t slide around too much it can move a bit, as some have reported. On carpet and hard flooring it should be OK. You won’t slip when standing on the mat thanks to the textured surface. If you do have trouble with the mat sliding on the floor there are products you can buy to stop this.

Some have reported it is not as soft as they would have liked. It is 3/4″ thick (which is not as thick as the Ergodriven Topo standing desk mat which is an inch thick), but it’s still pretty good.

Overall this is a good, fairly basic mat that is made to last and will serve you will.

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