Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Standing Desk Converter

The Prosumer’s Choice bamboo standing desk converter is neat and elegant and will blend in well if you are resting it on a standard wooden desk.

Bamboo wood standing desk converter with adjustable height


Simple to adjust wooden standing desk converter – change your position from sitting to standing with ease by toggling the lengths of each leg.

  • Made from bamboo wood (eco-friendly and certified)
  • Legs are height-adjustable and lock into place
  • An attractive piece of furniture in its own right
  • Convert from sitting position to standing and back again
  • Can hold a laptop or standard monitor screen

Prosumer's Choice bamboo standing desk converter

Full description of the Prosumer’s Choice bamboo standing desk converter

If you’re looking for an elegant piece of furniture that will convert your existing desk to a standing desk then take a closer look at this bamboo wood standing desk from Prosumer’s Choice.

The product is designed to sit on your desk and it will blend in well if you have a wood desk. Each leg can be adjusted in height by turning the dials and allowing the leg to drop down and then secured again by rotating the dial into a new notch. There are 5 height settings in total.

The unit is made from  naturally harvested bamboo which is eco-friendly. The manufacture has supported this with all the eco-credentials although this may bear more scrutiny to an expert in that field.

At the front of the desk is a detachable, upstanding lip that is designed to support your laptop from sliding off on to your lap when you have the top surface tilted.

The top of the desk is split so that two parts on either side of the centre part can tilt whilst the centre section lays flat. The tilted section would be useful for a laptop with the flat section supporting papers, pens etc. on the left. The tilt can be adjusted and held at a number of different height settings by means of a metal stay behind it.

To flatten the unit entirely the legs are pivoted so that they fold inwards and tuck underneath the top surface. In this position it will provide a good platform for sitting at a desk, particularly of you would like the laptop tilted towards you.

Another neat touch is a small internal drawer that slides out from within the desk on the right hand side. That would be a very useful place to store some pens and stationery.

Common FAQ’s about the Prosumer’s Choice bamboo standing desk converter

Q: What are its dimensions?
Q: How much does it weigh?
Q: How tall does it extend to?
Q: Will this work for both left and right-handed people?

Review summary (what people think about it)

This bamboo standing desk converter is relatively new on the market and as yet there is not a great deal of customer feedback on it.

There is no doubting it is an attractive item and much easier on the eye than dedicated metal standing desk converters, so if you want to sit something attractive on your desk surface this may be the better choice. It will also appeal to the more eco-minded of customer given that it is made from a natural raw material which has been ethically-sourced.

Although it does have five height positions this may not be enough for most people and if you are very tall it is possible the converter won’t go high enough for your needs, but that said it should suit almost everyone else.

There’s no doubting it is a clever design and the mini drawer function is a lovely little detail. The desk surface itself may not be big enough for some as it is sufficient for a laptop or standard size monitor but not for anything any heavier duty than that.

Overall there is a lot to like about this product but some of its limitations may leave most people looking elsewhere.


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