Seville Classics Sit-Stand Desk

The Seville Classics Sit-Stand desk offers a complete desk unit which is fully mobile and allows laptop use in a seated or standing position.

Mobile tiltable standing desk with side table


This Seville Classics sit-stand desk is a versatile performer and can be used as a dedicated standing desk, or dropped down to create a bedside table supporting a laptop, for example.

  • Metal frame with tiltable table top in choice of colours
  • Integrated side table
  • Mounted on four lockable casters
  • Completely portable – roll it to anywhere
  • Table top folds vertically for ease of storage

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Full description of the Seville Classics sit-stand desk

The Seville Classics standing desk is a very neat solution if your requirement is a fully-portable, versatile standing desk that can be tucked away after use. It can easily be raised or lowered in height depending on whether you wish to sit or stand.

The beauty of this sit-stand desk is its range of uses. In work mode you can place a laptop on the main table, tilt it to your perfect keystroke position and work away. The fixed, smaller side table can accommodate a mouse, your cell or any other items you care to rest there.

Lowering the table to sit mode opens the door to a whole range of uses. It can be used as a TV dinner table or would be especially useful for an elderly person, seated in an armchair and doing activities.

Common FAQ’s about the Dland standing desk side table

Q: Can it be used without the wheels
Q: What is the gap at the bottom between the wheels?
Q: How high can it be extended?
Q: What are the measurements of the desk surface ?
Q: Does it fold flat for storage?

Review summary (what people think about it)

Overall this is very well received by reviewing customers. The build quality is good and it is sturdy enough to last you a long time.

There are two versions of this table. The version with a side table drops down to a lowest setting of 27″ in height. The other version (no side table and does not tilt) drops down to a height of 20″. Bear this in mind if you are trying to choose between the two.

If you are a heavy user (and by that I mean if you have a lot of equipment or more than one screen) then this won’t be right for you. The surface area you have to work on is reasonably generous and will accommodate a computer and mouse, but there won’t be room for much more than that.

If you are planning on using it on a hardwood floor then some people found it didn’t work too well on its wheels and even with the wheels locked it was still too wobbly. You can take the wheels off though, but if you do that you will lose a few inches in height.

Lastly, some people have criticized the assembly instructions. I suspect the product is manufactured in China and as with most products originating from there the instructions can be less than comprehensive. That shouldn’t stop you from buying it however. Most people managed to figure it out.


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