Smugdesk Standing Mat

The Smugdesk standing mat is an economical solution to leg fatigue as a result of standing for lengthy periods. Its cushioning will make standing much more comfortable.

Ergonomic non-slip mat for standing on


The perfect standing mat at a price that will be attractive to many. The Smugdesk standing mat is no-frills but big on quality and it delivers – stand on it for a length of time and it will prevent muscle ache and leg fatigue. You will probably be left wondering why you didn’t get one before.

  • Hard-wearing
  • Beveled edge, prevents tripping up
  • Excellent grip
  • Cushioned to reduce leg fatigue
  • Cheap to buy

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Full description of the Smugdesk standing mat

If you are longer for a reasonably-priced standing mat that will do the job without a fancy price tag then look no further. The Smugdesk standing mat should be the one for you.

The mat provides you with cushioning underfoot that will ease the strain on your joints as you stand, meaning much less back pain and achy legs. What’s more, your posture will improve as you get into the habit of standing over increased lengths of time. No slouching at a desk here. Instead you stand upright and in comfort.

The mat has a distinctive bevelled edge so there is no step and no chance of you tripping over it. The surface area to stand is a generous and there is plenty of room for almost anyone. It is cushioned so you do not feel the hard floor beneath you and and this helps to ease the pressure on your joints, which in turn drastically cuts down the fatigue felt by your body if you stand for a long period during the course of the day. Standing on this mat for a period of 40-60 minutes straight should be very easy and with no fatigue at all.

The beauty of this mat is that it can be used for many different purposes. In this example we illustrate its use as a mat for a standing desk but you can use it in any instances where you might be standing for long periods, such as in the kitchen or workshop. Just pick it up, take it with you and then put it down again.

Whatever you are doing, if it involves standing up for a sustained period of time then this Smugdesk standing mat is a no-brainer.

Review summary (what people think about it)

There’s no doubting this is a good mat and if you are looking for something basic that will do the job then this won’t disappoint.

It retains its shape very well, has an excellent non-slip surface and has just enough cushioning (but not too much) to take the pressure off your muscles and joints each day as you stand.

The Smugdesk standing mat provides you with excellent comfort when you need it most. It is easy to clean and is very difficult to mark or scuff. In fact it is very difficult to see how it could stay like anything other than new, it’s almost indestructable. When you’re done for the day just pick it up a slide it into a gap at the side of your furniture, it’s as easy as that.

It will suit anyone at any weight and any height, there is no height or weight restriction here. Amazon customers give it 5 star reviews across the board (at the time of writing) so that is a ringing endorsement. A perfect standing mat – why not match it up with your Smugdesk standing desk too?

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