Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

The Stand Steady X-Elite pro standing desk converter is a neat little device, akin to an ironing board structure that raises its height using a pumping lift mechanism. Sit or stand and switch between the two over the course of the day.

Simple up-and-down height-adjustment


The Stand Steady X-Elite Pro puts the simplicity in standing desk converters. It does exactly what you expect and want it to and it does it very well.

  • Adjusts in height in seconds, just apply some pressure to the pump
  • Mount on your standard desk
  • Height-adjustable from 5″ to 16″, allows you to sit or stand
  • Spacious upper deck for your kit
  • Ready-assembled

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Full description of the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro standing desk converter

The X-Elite Pro arrives at your door fully-assembled. All you need to do is unbox it, place it on top of an existing desk or tabletop surface and boom – standing desk.

The standing height can be adjusted to move between 5″-16″ so the upper height level should be sufficient for tall people. At its flattest, the height of the compressed stand is just 2.5″, so when you want to sit down in your usual chair at the desk then you can. The additional height of your keyboard and monitor on top of the flattened X-Elite Pro shouldn’t be an issue.

The structure of the standing desk is very similar to the criss-cross of an ironing board. The X-shaped legs provide all the sturdiness you need and keep any wobbles to the minimum.

When you want to raise or lower the desk you just pull on the lever at its side and pull up or push down. The manufacturer describes the up and down mechanism as an innovative air pump system. I’m not so sure about that, but it does exactly what it is supposed to do and with fairly little effort.

On the top deck there is ample room for two monitors as well as your keyboard and mouse etc. so this should satisfy all but the most kit-hungry of consumers. That said, it is advertised as capable of holding up to 20 lbs in weight and you probably won’t want to push this standing desk to its limit in case it gets top-heavy and wobbles.

Stand Steady state that the X-Elite Pro will be available in four colors in the future (not available at the time of writing). The desktop is made from a laminated particleboard (a very common material in the furniture category) and the legs and base are metal.

Common FAQ’s about the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro standing desk converter

Q: What are the dimensions of the desk?
Q: Can it be raised to any height between the minimum and maximum heights or are there set intervals?
Q: Is there anything on the bottom to prevent the metal scratching the surface on which it rests?
Q: Does the monitor wobble when you raise the height of the desk?
Q: Can you lean on the desk to write and will it support that pressure?

Review summary (what people think about it)

This Stand Steady X-Elite Pro is a quirky-looking standing desk converter and is perhaps one of the lesser attractive items out there on the market, but it certainly gets good reviews and has been received very positively by customers that have bought it.

It gets high marks for quality of build and ease of use. Providing you don’t overload it then it should work flawlessly, allowing you to switch between a sitting and standing desk in around 3 seconds. There is very little effort involved in changing the desk height as the pump mechanism works flawlessly, so it would be ideal for those that may not possess the strength that other standing desk converters might need.

It is a shame  this product does not yet come in different colors because I think a softer color would lend itself better to the design rather than black, but I guess that’s one of personal preference. The product has sold hundreds (if not thousands) of times over so I don’t think black is an issue for many people.

Over the last couple of years Stand Steady have made a couple of adjustments to the design and have obviously taken customer feedback into account. One of the changes made has been a reduction in the overall height when the desk converter is in the flat position. This now makes sitting at your desk with the keyboard on top much easier as it will be on your natural level.

Sturdiness gets high marks and very few customers report the dreaded “wobble”. As with some other products for sale in this field there is no assembly here and that is always very welcome. I suspect there is a premium being paid here because the product is likely to be slightly larger to ship in its assembled state and this is no doubt included in the overall cost, but it saves time and effort – there can be no doubt that.

Overall this is a good product and will serve you well if you bear in mind its (few) limitations. It’s just a shame it resembles an ironing board though!


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