Stand Steady Tranzendesk Standing Desk

The Tranzendesk standing desk by Stand Steady is a fully-configured unit that gives a lot of space for all your kit and can transform to a sitting desk with a few turns of the crank handle.

Move the Tranzendesk standing desk up and down using the crank handle


This Stand Steady Tranzendesk standing desk is a fully-functioning desk that gives you a large surface area to work on and can adjust between a sitting and standing desk by turning a crank handle mounted at the side.

  • Adjusts in height anywhere between 29″ to 46″ tall
  • Use a simple crank-handle mechanism to alter the height whenever you desire
  • Generous work surface area
  • Enough space to mount up to three monitor screens
  • Slick black surface with gray powder-coated legs
  • Stabilising crossbar between legs

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Video Review

Full description of the Stand Steady Tranzendesk standing desk

If you are happy to save a few bucks and trust yourself to manual power when adjusting the height of this standing desk then you might want to take a good lock at the Tranzendesk, rather than go full electric like the Apexdesk standing desk.

You can adjust the heigh of Tranzendesk from the lowest height setting of 29″ up to a maximum of 46″ using a crank handle which is mounted at the side. You can choose which side you would like to mount the handle when you assemble the desk, so that’s good news for left-handers.

The design of the desk is neat and tidy with no frills. A shiny black surface gives you ample room on top, while the grey metal legs and stabilising bar in between will hold it all together and keep it stable.

Talking of surface space on the desk, there is plenty. The width of the desk surface is 55″ wide which gives you enough space to place three monitors or a combination of laptops and monitors. This is probably more than enough for most people, but it’s nice to have the space. Of course, even if only have one screen on the desk you will have plenty of writing space.

The desk will arrive at your door flat-packed, but don’t be alarmed. It is relatively easy to assemble but you might want another person helping you to hold the desk surface while you bolt it all together.

The Tranzendesk is extremely stable and robust, leaving you with no wobble as you are working. That is a common complaint for standing desks but this passes the test with flying colors.

Common FAQ’s about the Stand Steady Tranzendesk standing desk

Q: What size is its footprint?
Q: How long does it take to assemble?
Q: Are there any color options, other than black?
Q: Can the desk be used with a treadmill?
Q: Do the legs have adjustable feet to compensate for an uneven floor?

Review summary (what people think about it)

This desk gets very positive reviews and the majority of people are happy with it.

It gets full marks for stability and ease of use. The crank handle works really well and it is not difficult to raise the desk, even if it is loaded with kit. In fact, one reviewer stated that even their 3 year old son could raise the desk using the crank.

If you are under around 5′ 8″ you might find the sitting position a little too high (the desk only lowers to 29″ tall) so you might need to adjust the height of your chair. At standing height it should accommodate short and tall people alike. The crank handle allows you to adjust the height to any level you desire between the upper and lower limits so you can stop it at the perfect height for you. A mechanism of this type will always be better than one that has set adjustments for different height levels.

The Tranzendesk standing desk is reported to be easy to put together and taking less than the 60 mins quoted in the manual.

As is often the case with Amazon reviews, some customers were unlucky to suffer manufacturing defects when the desk arrived and marked the product down accordingly. I don’t think this is a particular issue with this desk but it is something that is inevitable with any product this size – particularly if the manufacturing is done in China. Don’t let that put you off.

Finally, I don’t know what Stand Steady were thinking when they made their promo video for the standing desk, but this has to be one of the most cringeworthy and ridiculous promo videos you will ever see for a product. I get that standing desks are not “fun” products, but you have to accept that and try not to make them fun! A desk is a desk, after all. Check out the video, it’s absolutely nuts.

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