Uncaged Ergonomics Standing Desk Seat

When you need a rest from standing but don’t want to slump back down into a bad posture, this standing desk seat could be for you. The Uncaged Ergonomics standing desk seat is a wobble stool that will give you the rest you need but will keep your spine happy.

An active standing desk seat that rocks, swivels and tilts


This Uncaged Ergonomics standing desk seat provides you with welcome relief after standing for a lengthy period of time, but although you are sitting it will keep your body active as it rocks, leans and tilts.

  • Rocking, tilting and leaning mechanism helps you burn calories as you sit
  • Well-cushioned and comfortable
  • Height-adjustable seat
  • Swivels 360 degrees and moves with you
  • Easy assembly

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Full description of the Uncaged Ergonomics standing desk seat

This is an office chair, but not as you know it.

It is an active chair that makes it easy for you to move around while you are sitting. It is designed to move naturally with you as you shift around. You can’t slump in this chair and take it totally easy because you need to keep your balance. Even so, the chair provides welcome relief from standing.

You can spin, fidget, move your position and generally play around on this wobble stool. All that movement is great for you. It boosts your circulation and increases your metabolism. Studies have shown that this movement can also boost your brain function. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

With any chair like this a height adjustment is a necessity and this will let you do that. If you extend it towards its upper limit you can adopt a kind of “perched” position between sitting and standing. You get the relief, but you are also getting the physical benefits too.

We are focused here on this chair as a standing desk seat, but you can use it anywhere in a multitude of different ways and when you are doing different tasks – not just at a desk.

Common FAQ’s about the Uncaged Ergonomics wobble stool standing desk seat

Q: What are the height adjustments?
Q: What weight can it take?
Q: What size is the base?
Q: How easy is it to put together?
Q: Does it lock when you set the height?

Review summary (what people think about it)

On the whole the customers like this product, but it is not a universal like. There are some that are not that happy using it. Perhaps that’s because it is an unusual chair and it provides a quite unique sitting experience.

It will develop your core muscles as you will be using these continuously to balance yourself.

Many people describe it as sitting on a rocking chair. If you are leaning to reach things then be careful because you’ll have to work harder to keep your balance – the seat pad will just follow you.

Sitting down is described as half-sitting/half-standing and this will be especially true if you have the wobble stool set at its maximum height.

Most people find it comfortable but there are some that don’t. Another issue some people had is that they thought teh seat pad was a bit slippery. I would say that sitting on a moving, rocking, tilting stool like this is something that you will either like, or otherwise you will most definitely not.

One point to watch out for is that it is impossible to take it apart once you have assembled it. Therefore if you return it for any reason you are going to need to find a bigger box to put it in (and pay extra in shipping).

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