Varidesk Standing Desk Stool

The Varidesk standing desk stool is an ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desk stool that promotes good posture and makes sure you keep sitting up straight.

Engages your legs, back and core and maintains your posture


Good posture is all about staying active while you are sitting. The Varidesk standing desk stool will keep your major muscles active as you rock and stretch while sitting at your desk, or through active leaning when the chair is raised at a taller height.

  • Low backrest to promote upright posture
  • Adjusts easily in height using “air-lift” piston mechanism
  • Arrives at your door fully-assembled
  • Light and easy to manouevre
  • Enables rocking motion to keep your muscles engaged and active

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Full description of the Varidesk standing desk stool

This standing desk stool is ideal if you are planning on dividing your time between sitting and standing while working at your desk, but when sitting you don’t want to switch back to your old slouching habits.

As you’d expect, the stool is height-adjustable. It can reach a height of almost 33″ when fully extended which will turn it into a the height of a bar stool – but a bar stool that takes care of your posture. At that height, you can lean against the stool in a “semi-standing” pose if you wish. That will reduce the fatigue from standing up but will also work your core and keep your posture in check.

The stool adjusts in height by means of simple hydraulics using what Varidesk call an “air lift piston”. It is the same mechanism as a standard office chair, so you know it will work well.

The stem of the stool is pivoted at the base which allows you to move around as you sit or lean against it. This does take some getting used to, but the purpose of all that moving is to force you (in a kind way) to keep your balance. By doing that, you use your core muscles as you sit – something you wouldn’t do in a normal chair. That means you keep you posture in the correct position and you burn calories as you do so. That’s a “win-win”.

There is a low profile at the back of the seat which is intended to promote good posture. You can’t sit back or you will fall off, so better sit straight.

Anyone who hates DIY will be pleased to know this chair comes fully-assembled and you won’t need to start tackling bits and pieces with a screwdriver as soon as it arrives

Common FAQ’s about the Varidesk sit-stand chair

Q: How wide is the base?
Q: What is the maximum weight that it will take?
Q: Does it make any squeaking noises while moving?
Q: Where does the stool rotate?
Q: How comfortable is it?

Review summary (what people think about it)

The Varidesk standing desk stool is definitely an acquired taste. Most reviewers have got on with it, but it is certainly not to everyone’s liking. It does take some getting used to and perhaps some people didn’t give it enough time.

A point about the seat pad has been made several times. If it is sat on for too long some reviewers have described having a “numb” bum, but after all, the idea is that you don’t stand for prolonged periods and you will probably want to stand up anyway after a time.

The fact that the stool requires no assembly gets a big thumbs-up. It’s a rare beast that doesn’t need putting together (especially in the office furniture department) so well done to Varidesk for that. Other big plus points are the fact that it is lightweight and can easily be moved out of the way when not required. Also, it has a very small footprint so the chances are you will be able to tuck it under your desk every night when you’re done working.

Most customers have experienced a short learning curve using the sit-stand stool but those that have persevered are more than happy. Some people recommend using a standing mat in combination with it, although you would only need that if you were standing or leaning against it with most of your weight on your feet. Talking of standing mats, and if you’re thinking of getting one, I’d recommend the Ergodriven standing desk mat.

All in all, a quality standing desk stool that is well-designed and well-built. Give it time and get used to it, your patience will be rewarded.

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