Varidesk Standing Desk Pro Plus 36

The Varidesk standing desk is designed for high-end users with dual monitors and a need for a large workspace area.

Spring-loaded lift mechanism easily converts to a standing desk


This features the Varidesk height-adjustable standing desk (in this case the model Pro Plus 36) which is is a very solid performer, adapted for two screens and an almost effortless switching between sitting and standing positions.

  • Two spacious surfaces for mounting your screens on the upper deck and keyboard and mouse on the lower deck
  • Adjusts in height at intervals – 11 height settings
  • Spring-loaded lift mechanism (patented technology)
  • Supports and lifts up to 35 lbs in weight with ease
  • Converts to a standing desk in just 3 seconds

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Video review

Full description of the Varidesk height-adjustable standing desk

The Varidesk standing desk is a premium product, coming in at over 3oo bucks at the time of writing. There’s an old saying that you get what you pay for and that is true; with the Varidesk standing desk you are paying a premium price but you are getting quality.

It is based on a two-tier design with separate work areas for the keyboard and monitor screen(s). This gives you plenty of space to work on.

The beauty of the Varidesk standing desk is the almost effortless ease the whole unit can be raised up and down. You can convert it from a sitting desk to a standing desk and back again in seconds. Check out the video above to appreciate just how easy it is.

Another major plus is that the desk doesn’t need any assembly. It arrives at your door ready to go – no tools, no fussing, just put it on your existing desk and start using it right away.

Common FAQ’s about the Vivo height-adjustable standing desk converter

Q: What size screens can it accommodate?
Q: Can the keyboard tray be adjusted, relative to the position of the upper deck?
Q: Can I use the keyboard and mouse surface without a mouse mat?
Q: What are the dimensions?
Q: How much does it weigh?

Review summary (what people think about it)

The Varidesk standing desk is a best seller on Amazon and is loved by almost everyone. As I said it comes at a price, but that price is probably worth paying if you have a desk job or need to work at a desk for long periods. Over time your back and general health will thank you for it.

The Varidesk gets full marks for build quality, ease of use and the simplicity with which it can be adjusted up and down.

It is well advertised that the upper work surface will fit two 27″ monitors. Some people disprove this theory but it probably depends on the kind of monitor you have. If you do have a couple of monitors this size you will probably have to angle them together to make them fit. Just be careful raising and lowering the unit because the top section will be heavy.

Some mention that the weight of the unit causes some slight “wobble” when you are hammering away at the keyboard. This is probably a natural physical reaction and I don’t see how it can be prevented. It is good though that it is not a particular problem for anyone, so you shouldn’t let that put you off.

Customers also love the fact that it arrives fully-assembled. What’s not to like about that?

The Varidesk height-adjustable standing desk comes in a variety of colors and could be the best investment you ever made.


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